It’s too bad ‘collaboration’ feels like a buzzword. Especially when genuine collaboration among organizations and stakeholders can increase a program’s relevance, reach, and impact.

Is your youth-targeted program informed by a committee of youth? Does your marine organization regularly consult with other marine organizations? Is your regional program part a national initiative?

Collaboration will not only strengthen your program, it will also give credibility to your proposal in a competitive application process. Why? Because funders don’t like to fund siloed work. They want to fund credible organizations and effective programs.

In an application, be sure to introduce your partners and define their participation. Whether your partners are providing in-kind support, sharing program coordination, or providing their consultation to help you form a stronger program, detail those contributions. Also, include documentation of the working relationship, whether that’s a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or just a letter of support.

So go make some friends, and then be sure to tell funders what a good friend you are.

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